About 4 years ago I received a call from an old buddy from High school.  In fact I had know him since elementary school.

He had let him self go after an illness and several surgeries.  In fact during one of his surgeries he was read his last rights.  He was not expecting to get through that surgery.

:0) He did!

And a few years after his surgeries he saw a picture of himself on the beach.  He had seen much better days.  That is when he saw my info on facebook.  He saw my progress over the years and decided to ask me for some help.

At the time his family had just gotten back from a vacation to Mexico and they were going back a year later.

He had decided that next time he wanted to look great on that beach in the pictures.

I had secretly hoped for a high school buddy to work with.  I had seen someone else do it and there connection was sooo cool!  When Jeff came to me I was so excited!

He was super determined!  He did Power 90, P90X and P90X2 all in a row without missing hardly any days!

That determination lead him to a monthly $1,000 award and then a quarterly $10,000 award!  The same quarter my x-girlfriend won $10,000 too!  That for sure was a special quarter for me.

From his wins I convinced him that he sort of owed it to help other people get fit too!  He was a hard sell but with all the winnings he did commit to coaching.

Life has been pretty great since.  I would say for both of us!

Every time I go back home I see him.  I typically stay at his house.  I feel that I have become a surrogate part of his family!  He truly is the closest thing that I have to a brother.

I have an amazing life that I have designed.  I enjoy my liberty and freedom.  I enjoy being single and dating.  However it does have it’s down sides!  I don’t get to see my son Alex.  Often I am alone when I don’t necessarily choose to be.  Jeff and his family make me feel included and fill up my family unit bucket when I need it most!

I’ve done a ton of personal development!  Because of that I have learned that gratitude is the highest emotion to feel.  Every time I want to feel gratitude I just think of Jeff, his family and our relationship.  I think about how he has been able to pay off his house.  I think about the CEO award that he was just honored with.  It makes me proud!

We all want to leave the earth a bit better place than we found it.  Leaders replace themselves!  With Jeff I know that I have done that in much more capable hands than my own.

The world needs Thousands of Jeffs!  Let’s all bring fourth our inner Jeff!